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Cotton Mather "Death of the Cool" (Limited Edition 180 Gram White Vinyl LP)


PRE-ORDER NOW! LIMITED EDITION VINYL LP RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 2ND 2016 - CD & DIGITAL RELEASE DATE: JULY 29TH 2016 - Over the years Cotton Mather main man Robert Harrison has often alluded to the fact that the groups iconic record Kontiki was largely inspired by his immersion in esoteric Taoist training at the time. On his latest project Harrison turns once again to Chinese philosophy as he's undertaken to create a cycle of 64 songs inspired by the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, being recorded and released by his Austin, Texas based bands Cotton Mather and Future Clouds and Radar. "Death of the Cool", Cotton Mather's first release in over a decade, hits stores on July 29th and will be the first of four vinyl releases from this project. Meanwhile Harrison and Cotton Mather continue to post new tracks at

This offer contains:

-Death of the Cool (Limited Edition Vinyl LP)

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